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Jan Kuester

Rancher, great cook, CRNA, retired Navy Nurse, gardener, spinner, and linguist, business owner

Jan loves the lifestyle and freedom that our business gives her. After a number of years working long hard hours in the operating room she now has time for serving at church, helping in the community, gardening, sitting by the river, sewing, and spending time with Shep, often in the kitchen.

Currently Jan does part-time anesthesia for dental patients that need that extra care and love that has become her specialty.

Sharing the fun and profit available with this business with other women who live full and busy lives makes her happy. As a mom and grandmother, she appreciates family, and the precious memories that being with family brings.

Shep Kuester

Rancher, baker, retired Navy submariner, Scouter, handyman, and business owner

Shep loves having Jan home. He went through a number of business adventures before getting involved with this one. Now he has time to spend time with their horses, gardening, church callings, helping in the community, Boy Scout leader, learning to bake new types of breads, visiting with family, reading, traveling, and spending a lot of time with Jan.

He enjoys showing busy men & women that it really is possible to own a successful home business without being in a city or working long hard hours.

This Business Has Changed Our Lives

Both of us came from modest homes and we both have worked hard since childhood (including changing irrigation, bucking hay, milking cows, yard work, restaurant server, construction, cleaning bathrooms, and tow truck driver, just to name a few jobs we’ve held besides our Navy careers). Shep spent 21 years in the Navy, 16 of those years at sea (11 serving on submarines). Jan spent 20 years in the Navy, 5 of those years at sea. We know what it is like to work hard long hours.

The primary reason we got into this business was to spend more time together and do the things we have always wanted to do. We also wanted to be more involved at church, volunteer in our local community, be available to visit with and help out our neighbors, and be active Scouters. That meant working fewer hours yet making more money. Is that possible?

We found that it is possible! It took time, effort, some learning, and finding the right business opportunity that fit us. The company we are introducing you to here on this website is that perfect fit that changed our lives for the better. Go through the information then contact us so you can find out if maybe this is the right business opportunity that you are looking for.